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Code Name: MRed

Just to add a little fun, we interview our associate. Check below what he say.

What did you like about your Back To School Portrait?

It was fun. I got creative, I picked out flowers and toss up in the air.

What are the fun things you’re doing this summer?

Play video games, watch TV, play legos and other toys, , zoom summer school, daily walk with out dog and play with out pets.

Are you excited to go back to school?

I think, I am not sure.

What is your favorite snack?

Ice cream.

What is your favorite drink?

Fruit punch.

What are you most excited to do after the quarantine is over?

Go to a movie theater.

What are you going to miss when quarantine is over?

Zoom, Aphro our dog, Alex our cat, home, video games, TV, and Roblox.

What are you most thankful for about this time?

I am thankful for our house, family, and all the fun stuff we do in the house.

What have you learned?

I didn't learned anything but I met Bart and BuckEye - my dog friends.

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